Experiment Proves Cannabis Does Link to "420" Digitally

Four-hundred and twenty has been used as a numerical value to represent cannabis for at least 45 years, stated by American history.  But with billions of people using the same numerical value to refer to the same substance all over the world, everything we learned in school says that there is more to this than meets the eye.  And there is!

A cell phone, calculator, digital clock, or any digital measuring device uses electricity to operate and function its perfect calculations.

If the calculation is 4:20am, 4:20pm, 420, or say 420 degrees Fahrenheit, displaying this on any digital output screen will result in a small bit of radiation being given off.  420 cycles per second in radiation terms, or also, 420 hertz in soundwave frequency form.

This 420 cycles per second is given off any and all devices with numbers displayed on screen.  So if your calculator is on with 420 on the screen, 420 cycles per second is being given off.

That radiation or soundwave used is sent out sort of like a radio station's signal is broadcast out.  This radiation even travels underground, and with certain calculators or phones, can travel up to a mile away.

Does 420 cycles per second, and hertz, and megahertz, and gigahertz frequencies have any relation to cannabis?



1. Question:

Does marijuana have any direct collation or relation to the number "420", or four-hundred and twenty?  And how can we see something like this?  

2. Hypothesis:

Typing a number onto any digital screen echos off radiation.  Using the specific level of 420 hertz, or 420 cycles per second, we will be using stone(r) age methods to try to pick up the radiation of the device, and also echos, or targets, that the wavelength is bouncing off of, that we can pick up relating to that specific frequency.  

3. Procedure:

We will begin with a control experiment of the calculator or device off.

It is best to do this experiment outside, away from anything including trees.  Also away from powerlines, others talking on phones or playing music, and also be aware of anything underground including waterlines.

Using a technique called dowsing, we will look for more than underground water.


Two wire coat hangers, and something strong to cut them with

A calculator (any) or cell phone

Pine or marijuana, also silver/gold for further experimenting

Your able body, patience and willingness to learn what no one else is willing to learn


The 2 wire coat hangers will need to be shaped as if they are a capital L by cutting them as shown in the picture below, the long end being about 14" and the shorter end being about 5". You will create 2 of these and will hold the short end of them in each hand. These are your receivers, such as if you were metal detecting with them.  This works best if the hangers are heavier metal.

To do this experiment, once the hangers are shaped, you will need to hold the shorter ends in each hand, holding these loosely.  You need to hold these so that they face straight out in front of you, parallel to level ground. You can use pipes to try this as shown in the picture below. This allows for the free swaying that is needed as long as you hold them straight up, and facing in front of you.  The pipes work well if you hold them good enough, which this experiment requires practice.  However, you can feel more of a pull holding these in your bare hands, but it does take some technique to hold them loosely and properly to do this experiment.

You will take your readings as if you were looking over yourself, like a compass. X will mark the spot, and also you can make a V shape to point directly over the spot. If you walk directly on top of the marijuana, the rods should start to point back towards your chest.  

After your control experiment of no numbers, to walk around and feel for pulls, or readings, then enter 420 into a calculator, by simply typing it in and allowing it to sit on the screen. You can allow the 420 'sound' to go out for about 4 minutes if you like, but in most cases, this works right away.

To enter 420 into a cellphone, enter it without hitting send and allow 420 to simply sit on your screen. It is okay if the backlight goes out.  Also, you should now be able to pick up your calculator or phone by testing with the rods, indicating it as a source or target in this experiment.

4. Results:

The number 420 works in a controlled setting to indicate a target of pine or marijuana.

The number 925 works in a controlled setting to indicate a target of silver.

The number 353 works in a controlled setting to indicate a target of specs of gold, or any gold.

The number XXX works in a controlled setting to indicate a target of paper, specifically, paper money.

Other numbers have been obtained to indicate other substances, but some are illegal and unobtainable.  Local and state-wide law enforcement refuses cooperation of any help to create this into anything to actually find real drugs.  It has the potential to be created into a smart phone app that could locate drugs, easy, and with accuracy.

However this experiment has no potential to be used against anyone in trial or conviction of court, as it relies on metal rods reading densities, and not 100% values as your smart phones have the capabilities of doing.

5. Conclusion:

At 4:20 twice a day, a sound is echoed from every digital clock, cellphone, tablet, and computer in the world.  Making any nearby marijuana a target.

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Author: admin@420.ag